Why music is addictive?

No matter what people are doing, from driving to exercising or even working, many have to hear music while they do it.

A new study finds the reason for this lies in the reward centre of the brain. McGill University researchers say the findings reveal how music can be as addictive as fast food, money and even alcohol. Scientists say that pleasant tunes trigger an area of the brain called 'Nucleus Accumbens' - The reward centre. Using scans, scientists discovered firing up the neurons increased a listener's enjoyment.

On the other hand, pleasure dropped when researchers dampened these nerve cells. The more people appreciated the sounds, the more their brain lit up with pleasure. Activity with auditory areas of grey matter became synchronized, said researchers.

Researchers add music's universality and it's ability to deeply affect emotions suggest an evolutionary origin. "Music can act as a powerful motivational force in our everyday life," said researcher Dr. Ernest Mas-Herrero.

Unlike drinking or other addictive behaviors, listening to music can be good for you and it's hard to "overdose". Previous studies have discovered it can boost mood and fends off depression. Music also boosts blood flow in ways similar to stains and lowers levels of stress-related hormones.

So, now you know why music is so addictive?

People say "Don't judge a book by it's cover", then why do people judge music by it's language? Music is said to have connected people all over the world because it has no boundaries to restrict anyone from doing so. All ages listen to different genres and languages of songs world wide in different countries. Moreover, music has been there since the dawn of the human race, it has just evolved along with us as well.

Don't stop people from listening to music or judge them by their choice of songs, it's their life and their wish to listen to whatever song they want, you mind your own business please.

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