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Updated: Jul 19, 2021

Have you ever read an article in the newspaper and wondered, "What is this all about?", "This is crazy!", or "What is happening to this world, why are people so strange sometimes?"

Well, here's something I would like to share about an article I read in today's newspaper. It made my eyes almost pop out of it's sockets, drop down on the floor and roll away.

The article was in 'Times Life' on the last page, titled 'Five food trends to watch out for'. And under this was a tagline - 'From eating like the Queen to being served in a gold dish or relishing exotic veggies, 2021 will be high on luxury and fine dining'.

I mean, this was just what the world was lagging on and they fulfilled it too! People around the world don't get enough meals to end their hunger and here they are saying '2021 will be high on luxury and dining'? Excuse me, but do you see the money growing on trees like fruits? 2020 was high on Corona and now 2021 will be high on 'Luxury and Dining'? Did people around the world earn more money by working from home than actually going to their workplace before the Covid pandemic?

Do people eat to fill their stomachs or to just show-off and pretend to be someone that they are not? A line from the article says - "From Japanese sekai-ichi apples to hop shoots and heligan pineapples from Cornwall, 2021 will see a rise in demand for super-expensive veggies and fruits." And "Post-lockdown, more people are ordering Gaelic steak, fillet steak, mushroom whiskey sauce and more, which are her Queen's favourites!"

I have no say over this seeing that people are willing to do a lot of stupid and crazy stuff just to gain popularity. The article also says about people becoming more willing to buy gold, silver and pearl plates and dishes. Right, the gold mine is located just in your backyard and everyday you dig out about a pound of it for your daily use. I mean, this is insane! And the fact that wedding cakes are being made and decorated with diamond and gold dust, pearls and flowers making it's worth to $1 million and over, is so freaking shocking and amazing!

My broke self that can't even afford something worth 100/- on it's own, will never in it's dream have a wish to eat a diamond cake like Kim Kardashian.

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