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Updated: Jul 19, 2021

Everybody has a different notion of life. Some say its an ocean of opportunities with deep trenches and some say life's a roller-coaster with many curves, ups and downs. Some will agree with me, when I say that 'Life' is a never ending road going on and on, and we are the drivers of our choices and decisions that we control by accelerating and applying brakes on the right time. It's 'Us' who decides whether we proceed, stop or take a brake. And of course, this road isn't as smooth and plain as it seems. It has potholes and paths that need to be overcome by us, in short they can be regarded as the 'Hurdles of life'.

K-poppers will say that K-pop is life. Well, that's something different from the real notion of life but, anyways, life is also a never ending circus of unexpected unlimited possibilities. You never know what can happen in the next second and you possibly can't predict fate. Fate is something already written and its permanent, it can't be changed by one's will. They have to follow their destiny.

Many people say that their life is sad. Well, the truth is, their life is not sad, but they are just too blinded by their problems and unnecessary stressful factors, that they fail to see the happiness around them. They hold on to these little unnecessary notions and take the oath of never letting them go. Life's a beautiful journey and it takes more than one's will to enjoy it.

I'm not some 50 year old saying this, but just a school going teenager and I have enough experience of life to talk of it in this way. I have still not experienced many things but I'm observant and I have seen people like that. They blame everything and don't even once think of changing their attitude towards life. They never self-reflect upon their choices and decisions and just get stuck on one gear on their whole journey of life. Have they ever tried something new or thought of discovering something interesting? Well, maybe they have, maybe they have not. Could be because they wished to or were forced to, or maybe because they weren't in the mood or felt like doing so. Can't blame them now can we, it's their life decision, isn't it?

Have you heard of people having a 'Bucket list'? Maybe even you might have one! This so-called 'Bucket list' is a list of all those things that the individual wants to try at least once before ending his/her journey of life. They live to fulfill this list and they enjoy and have fun while completing all those tasks on their list. They see the world from a different perspective and take advantage of it's beauties.

Those who envy others for a beautiful and happy life and complain for their own, will forever be the same and never change. They'll end their journey in complaints, unless they decide on changing that perspective. To be happy, it's NOT necessary to be a wealthy person. Happiness can be found at every small point in life; one must be willing and attentive to see it. Money CANNOT buy happiness. If you think that's wrong and that happiness can be bought by money, then I would like to ask you something dear reader; When was the last time you visited an eye doctor? If you haven't visited one in a long time, then I suggest you immediately get your eyes operated to see the reality of life before it hits you like a truck.

You have to expect the unexpected on this wonderful and adventurous journey. Life is beautiful even when its ugly. This is because "Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times, if one remembers to turn on the lights". - Albus Dumbledore

Hope you have a beautiful and a safe journey dear readers..... Love, live, and laugh cause life's a long way to heaven, so enjoy it while you can!

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