Indian drivers - Something to be afraid of?

Updated: Oct 3, 2021

As you know, a country with a population of about 130 crore, has to have busy, bustling and lively streets and roads. So one has to stay cautious as it surely is dangerous in an overcrowded place.

Speaking of which, the Indian drivers are the most reckless people. Why? Because they claim to know the traffic rules, pretend they will follow it (which they rarely do), and if something happens, then they scream at the next person even if they were wrong, just to get them out of that situation safely.

I believe everyone in their life might have experienced or seen a minor or a major road accident. Why do such activities take place you ask? Well, it's because of the ego and carelessness of the drivers. Admit it or not, every driver has at least once broken the red light signal and gone before it turned green. Are you an ambulance, rushing to the hospital to save a patient's life? Or you are some police officer chasing a criminal? What's the rush anyway? Are you missing some flight or train, that you cross the speed limit and break traffic signals and rules, risking yours and others' life? If you have ever heard of 'Time management' then follow it for YOUR OWN sake, and not someone else's.

You surely hear the instructions to follow traffic rules, which many rarely follow and others mostly ignore thinking "what could possibly go wrong?" In my opinion, a lot could go wrong. And all those readers claiming that they follow traffic rules, please don't lie to yourself. You and I very well know who is at fault. Even though you claim to follow them, you still break them without noticing them. Mostly by over-speeding on highways and flyovers, or by over-taking someone from the wrong side. So think twice before saying that "I don't break traffic rules and follow them religiously."

The worst is the youth today, as they don't take safety precautions and mostly end up having accidents. They don't wear helmets (because their hairstyle might get ruined), doing stunts on bikes (to impress girls), three people riding on a bike (showing their amazing balancing ability), buying expensive bikes (to show off), and finally going on long drives without parents knowing about it (to get some thrill in life).

I have a question for such people, (if such people are reading this, then please answer my question in the comments). What are you gaining in life by doing this? Are you getting paid and doing stunts as some professional? What will happen if a girl doesn't get impressed, or if your hairstyle gets ruined for the sake of safety? Is your life pointless and ending right there at that moment? I'll wait for your answer. Other readers may too comment if they wish.

And finally, if you think you are some saint by following traffic rules, then remember one thing very clearly, Every saint was once a sinner.

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