The Power of Imagination

Updated: Apr 15, 2021

Have you ever as a kid, thought about going to space by building your own rocket ship with card-boards or dressed up as a super hero and run around the house claiming that you can save the world from destruction? Or have you done something else that you thought was possible at that time? That was all a part of our imagination.

The term 'Imagination' means the ability to think or to imagine of a non-existent possibility or in layman terms, form a mental image which does not exist in real life. Everyone and anyone can imagine, but only a few can turn it into imagination.Does it sound senseless? Well, I would say read it again and think deeply.

I see an image, for e.g. It is the 'image' of a barren land; it is large, completely empty and dry. But I 'imagine' it as a lush green meadow, with cattle grazing at a distance, covered by forests around with a clear blue sky above and a gentle breeze is blowing. In the distance, is a breathtaking mountain range, standing stoically guarding a part of the meadow. Could you see it through my eyes as well? Now, here is the interesting part. I use my 'imagination' and I can see a large sub-urban house, completely white with brown borders, having a barn on the left and large ranch on the right. In the stables, at the ranch are standing beautiful black, white, and brown horses with a lady, along with a teenager tending to the horses' needs. From the barn, the noise of hens and roosters is heard along with the periodic 'mooing' of the cows and the 'oinks' of the pigs. A man comes out of the barn with a bucket full of milk and heads towards the ranch and the stables. He gives the bucket to the lady who takes it and heads towards their house. The teenager hugs the man, as the sun rises across the horizon marking the start of a beautiful day. And they head in for a delicious and a healthy breakfast.

So, did you also see this? From an image I imagined, and turned the barren land into a meadow, with a forest and a mountain range around it, and then to a beautiful family living at a large farmhouse with their farm animals, from my imagination.

Well, this was just an example of what a person's imagination is capable of. And it does not have boundaries to stop it; you can imagine things to limitless extensions. It only takes one to have the will power and the faith in self to imagine great things and eventually achieve them.

Dreams can be counted as a part of your imagination, as you form mental images in your sleep and work on them to fulfill it. Kids of the age 4 to a max of the age till 10, have the highest power of imagination. Their creativity of imaging things knows no bounds. Never stop a child from imaging and encourage them on what they think. Although, keep a track of what they are thinking as imaging is not a problem but imaging the wrong thing is. Give kids books, that have few illustrations as they will be forced to form their own mental images on the descriptions in the book. Tell them fairy tales, folk tales, folk lore, stories that have adventure and thrill; give them a direction to think big. Take them on trips, show them towns, cities, villages and places of fun.

Never limit your imagination dear readers, its a gift that should be exploited to its full extent.

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