That ONE friend...

We all know that every friend circle is a diverse group of different types of people with different and amazing personalities and we, of course, love those people for who they are. So here's a list of 'That One Friend', who :

  1. Embarrasses you.

  2. Hypes you.

  3. Praises you.

  4. Takes care of you.

  5. Loves you.

  6. Annoys and teases you.

  7. Angers you and fights with you.

  8. Advices you.

  9. The group comforter and pacifier.

  10. Is the mother of the group.

  11. Is the youngest and the cutest in the group.

  12. Baby of the group.

  13. Craves for attention.

  14. Shares food with everyone.

  15. Steals food from everyone.

  16. Is an unstable emotional freak.

  17. A hot head.

  18. A stress buster and the official group clown.

  19. The clumsy one.

  20. The listener.

  21. The story teller.

  22. The gossip girl/guy.

  23. The dramatic diva.

  24. The teacher and tutor in the group.

  25. The smart one.

  26. the dumb one.

  27. The silent one.

  28. The talkative one.

  29. The backbencher and the front seater.

  30. The all-rounder.

Well, there are more to this list, but these are many as well. So, tag your friends and share it with them. If you wish, you can even comment the category you fall in. If you are wondering which type of a friend I am in my friend group, then it's number 11 and 18.

(P.S. There are more categories I fall in, but these two are more than enough for you to know. XP)

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