Your attitude determines your direction towards a happy life...

Updated: Jul 19, 2021

Are you happy and care free while enjoying life? Or are you blaming everything around you that turns out bad, just because you think they caused it? Your perspective on life and on your surroundings determines your level of happiness and stress in life.

Well, many of us have heard the notion where they say that positive attitude attracts positive things in life, while negative attitude attracts negative things in life. But, does this 'Law of attraction' actually work? I would say, yes, it does!

How do you start your day? Do you wake up smiling and thanking god for a beautiful start to your day? Or do you complain about going to school or your work place where you usually end up fighting with people for mere things in life? If not, then don't worry; start from today. Make a list of all those things you find frustrating and then find a cause, i.e. why are you frustrated due to them? Then try to find a solution.

In this fast pace life, where there is cut throat competition for success, one is likely to be stressed out. This stress causes negative feelings and thoughts to develop unnecessarily. That way, we end up blaming the things that weren't even a cause of it. Some wonder, 'What are the secrets to a happy and stress free life?' Well, there is no secret ingredient to this recipe. All you have to do is, just smile and think positively, even for the most frustrating situation that you find. For eg., you are stuck in traffic and are getting late for an interview. Naturally, one is most likely to be angry and end up screaming and honking loudly at those people in front or around them. Well, think of it in a positive way. Think that maybe you got stuck in traffic and by missing that one job interview, you might end up getting a better one and be more successful or happy with what you'll do. But, if you take it in a negative way, thinking that the another job offer is worst than the one you missed, then there is no one to help you with your burnt recipe.

Have you heard about the Japanese guy, who received the 'World record' award for being the oldest person alive? He died 2 days after receiving the award and he was 107 years old! He was asked his secret to his long life. He had simply replied by saying, "The secret to a long and happy life is to not stress over small and unnecessary things, and keep smiling."Well then, keeping his words in mind, why not choose a path in life with a positive attitude. The more positive you are about the things around you, the more happiness you will receive and the more successful you'll become.

Try this simple experiment. Look at all the things around you. Observe them carefully. Now close your eyes and think about a few positive points for each of them. Like, if you have plants in your balcony, think about the pretty flowers that bloom or the bees that come for pollination. Think about one good aspect about them, that makes you feel at peace, calm and composed. Who knows why your bedroom curtains are blue and the one in your living room yellow? Maybe because, yellow seems like a cheerful color so you invite your guests in a cheerful and fun environment; while blue seems like a calm color, so you like to spend time in your bedroom after a tiring day at work, as it feels peaceful and helps you relax.

Remember, 'Smile, cause it lets your teeth breath!'

And choose the right path of attitude in life!

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