Music and it's magic in our life...

Updated: Apr 15, 2021

Who doesn't like vibin to some really good tunes? Well, that's the spell that music causes on our souls, it gets us grooving in no time!

Music can be found in many different genres. There's Punk, Funk, Jazz, Metal, R & B, Pop, Hip-hop, K-pop and many more. Everyone has a different taste in music. Other than that, they also have a different way of listening to it and understanding it. For example, I like to listen to the lyrics and sing along than listen to the tune, but then at times, I dance to the beats and the tune of the song not caring about the lyrics. So it depends from person to person as everyone has a different perspective of view.

Music is like cotton, while a song is like the cloth; the finished product. Music can be made from anything that possibly clinks and clanks on hitting. Its not necessary that you should have all the drums in a drum set to make the perfect melody, you can just bang some pots and pans of different sizes with different spoons and forks and voila! You just created your very own unique melody! It may not be very melodious as such, but that's some tune alright.

Music has developed so much over time that these days there are professionals to find out where you are out of tune and where in-tune! The invention of instruments has also increased the interest in songs. Looking back in time, especially in movies, plays, skits and dramas, the background music was always composed or played by an orchestra - a group of people playing different instruments in harmony to create a desired tune or melody - but now its all computerized. Both the types of music compositions have their own way of enjoyment and fun. Yet music is something everyone prefers, no matter what type, slow or fast, Pop or Hip-Hop, every type is listened to with interest.

EDMs and bass boosted music is preferred more by today's generation. Also, music is something through which one can convey their feelings and emotions effortlessly to a large audience. Many people are so addicted to music (like me) that they like to listen to music while doing various work at home or other places. This way they do their work more efficiently while enjoying it. Also the type of music or songs you listen to decide what type of a person you are; your personality. Won't get into the details of that for now, but yeah, you get the picture.

No music, no life.

In the end, I would say that, for me, K-pop is life, deal with it!

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