Life in Quarantine...

Updated: Oct 3, 2021

'Life in quarantine' may sound boring and dull, but believe me it isn't. Of course, not everything is always cupcakes and rainbows, is it?

Well, due to this pandemic, we have been locked up in our homes to keep ourselves safe from this deadly virus - Covid-19. Many were happy as they felt that they could explore themselves and do something that they always wished to do as their busy schedule was a wall in between them and their hobby. So, with this positive thinking, many individuals began to find what they are capable of, what they are worth of.

Here, at home, my mother started her own You Tube channel (Hindi Kalakendra) . She teaches 'Hindi' to children from classes 1-8, all over India. She has now got around 6.3k subscribers! Can you believe that? Just in 5 months, she got a lot of students! And fun fact, she is, by degree a teacher but not by profession! In a similar way, many other people took to baking, singing, painting, anything that their heart could wish for and anything that they could show their creativity in!

But, with time, everyone felt the need to visit their family members to have those fun vacations, where they would pluck the raw mangoes of their neighbor without them knowing and do many more mischievous evil doings. Nothing is better than spending quality time with your family on a warm, sunny windy day. That's why, a few people were upset and not all happy about being away from their family as they got quarantined. They missed the birthday parties with cousins, the late night parties and gigs with friends and workmates, movies nights with family and friends at home, etc.

Not gonna lie, even I miss being with my family, but I have got online classes to keep me occupied. Although, that still doesn't change my urge to go to my cousins and spend time with them. Of course, now that our world around us has become so tech savvy, we can Face Time or simply do a Video Call to help us stay connected with them. Although, its not the same, but we gotta 'Go with the flow', after all, 'It is, what it is' and we can't definitely change it even if we wish to!

Like today, it was my twin cousins' birthday and I had to wish them via a Video Call. I felt bad when I couldn't hold them being their eldest cousin sister, since they turned 2 years old today! But, keeping negative thoughts aside, it was fun to see them interact with us by saying names and obeying commands that we gave. Just seeing them happy made us feel happy. They are such cuties!

So, don't feel bad if you can't meet your family. Remember, "Time flies by!" In the same way, we'll get over this pandemic together no matter where we are in the whole world.

Here is a picture of my two cutie pies...

Another one...

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