It's Exam Time!

Updated: Apr 15, 2021

The time that puts every student in fear and anxiety is exam time. Everyone hates exams, and when it's exam time, they always overthink and end up having lots of unnecessary thoughts which causes anxiety.

Exams are time bound and a lot of syllabus puts kids under pressure. Well, although exams are conducted to see a person's ability, as to how much he/she remembers. Their memory power is put to a test. The one's who don't stress over small things and focus on what they desire to achieve, pass out with flying colors.

I honestly confess that I'm no different than others when it comes to loathing exam time. I'm fine with studying and doing regular class tests or assignments, but long examinations are not my cup of coffee. (I don't like drinking tea) Although, I gave my 10th board examination and currently I'm preparing for my 12th board examinations.

I never had exam fear and I never bothered to take external stress during exam time. I always followed my normal daily routine, as I do and I studied all the chapters well. Mugging up is not my thing and neither it is in my blood. I try to understand the concept and write it on my own with the required key words. And if there are definitions I need to remember, then I try to memorize the main key words and the actual meaning of it, which it is trying to portray.

During this period, most of the kids keep on studying and studying because they want to score good marks. They rarely take breaks and stuff their memory banks with so much information at one go that it begins to overflow, and they don't remember important facts while writing the exam. I believe one should take breaks, adequate sleep and rest, have a proper diet and not skip meals and do some exercise is order to be refreshed and prepare for exams in a better way.

Watch this cool music video that relates to exam time by Jordindian :

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Don't stress over something that doesn't require attention to be paid to it and focus and study well by understanding the concepts, rather than mugging them. It won't get you anywhere and don't cheat. (Yes, I have cheated in exams too, but this is only between you and me. Like who doesn't? ; > ) But still, please don't cheat, it affects your personal performance and marks are just numbers that don't matter every time.

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