I don't wish to be famous. Here's why...

Every teenager in their teenage life, thinks of doing some work that makes them popular or famous. Something by which they gain the attention from other people, who are known and unknown.

But, I feel that I would just do something, that makes an impact on the world, without revealing my identity. I love to be in the shadows, coz I hate the spotlight and I'm afraid of the dark. This doesn't mean I'm an introverted person. Loving the quite and calm, and avoiding crowds or loud noisy places, builds a stereotype in the peoples' minds, that they assume such a person to be an introvert. Now, getting back on the topic...

The highest popularity in today's world in gained by celebrities. By being a celebrity, you have 'Fans'. And these 'Fans' are a diverse group of different people, that apparently love what you do and want to follow you. But sometimes, their 'Love and support' for their artist, crosses barriers and goes far too extreme, that results in them becoming stalkers and obsessed freaks, no offence.

I feel being famous or a 'celebrity' in particular, makes your life hard, because :

  • You gotta live up to the audiences' expectations.

  • Make wise choices since they'll also affect the people around you, rather than specifically just you.

  • You always have to maintain a 'Role Model' figure for the younger generation to take inspiration.

  • Anything done or said by you, heavily affects the others first than you.

  • The words 'Privacy' and 'Personal space' are completely removed from the dictionary of your life.

  • You get a lot of haters that, at times go to the extent of either embarrassing you publicly or harming you.

  • You need to have bodyguards to protect you from all the people who crowd around for a picture or an autograph.

  • It's hard to get out of your house freely at times since you can be swarmed by your fans.

  • Going on 'Talk shows' or on any other show for an interview, the host askes ridiculous questions and you have to answer carefully. Although, you can just be a savage and shut them down, but then that depends on your personality.

  • Your freedom is limited. It doesn't vanish completely, it's just limited a bit.

  • Having tough competition in the cut-throat competitive world of today.

Honestly, at times I don't understand why people hate someone and then go to the person talking trash about them, or go to their fan events, concerts, or shows and throw stuff to show their hate. I'm like - 'Sir/mam, who asked for your unwanted opinion anyway? They haven't bothered you in any way then why don't you not bother them as well? What is your reason of hate and expressing it, huh? If you don't like them, then just A-V-O-I-D T-H-E-M. I spelled it out coz many of you don't know what to do when you don't like something.'

Tell me dear readers, if you don't like something or let's say you hate it, bitter juice for example, is obviously loathed by everyone, right? Of course, like who would be stupid enough to love bitter juice that just goes wild making your taste buds haywire? Anyways, so if you see a glass of this bitter juice kept on a table, would you rather go up to that glass, and start complaining the juice maker for making it, or would you rather just not look at it and AVOID IT and move away from that place? The second option is better right?

So then why don't people do that and just go there and start complaining about everything that the artist has done? Are you the only person in the whole world that has 99 problems and 1 solution? NO! Everyone has their own problems and only a few know how to deal with it. If you don't, then start finding a solution since it doesn't have legs and won't come to you like your pet dog whenever you call it. Stop spreading unnecessary hate just because your day went bad because of someone else in your life. Taking your anger out on someone won't help.

My freedom matters to me. So, to avoid all this unwanted drama and to have a simple happy life, I didn't wish to be a celebrity. I love my freedom, privacy and personal space a lot so no, thank you, stay away and yes I'm allergic to strangers. It makes my nose itch and eyes burn from all the plasticity and fake personality that you've been carrying. Moreover, I would love it, if you follow #Socialdistancing ^_^

Lastly, if you are a hard core fan of any of your favorite artist, please respect their lives, personal space and most importantly their privacy. If you see them in public, just control your feelings and emotions from rushing out and attacking them. Thank you for listening to my opinion, take care, and see you all next time.

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