How to deal with stress during this pandemic?

As you all know this pandemic has been affecting our health both physically and mentally. So, what should we do to avoid the unnecessary wear and tear of our body and be happy and positive? Well, here are a few important points that can help you cope in this pandemic :

  • First things first. Stop listening to news too much. Yes, don't listen to too much news that might instill unwanted fear in you. A minimum of 15 of news over the happenings around you are more than enough.

  • Get authentic information only. Go to your country's government sites to check the death toll, the affected people and the recovered ones. FYI, the recovery rate is 68% of a Covid positive individual and the chances of dying are just a mere 2%. It depends on an individual's body capability to fight Covid and live.

  • Keep in touch with family and friends. Make video calls through Zoom, Teams, FaceTime or Google Duo. Whatever app you have to make video calls, call up your family and talk with them. Ask about how they are, the conditions around them, tell them to take precautions and tell them about your self as well to relieve them of stress. Have a constant connection with your family and enjoy the time with them.

  • Spend time with your pets. Yes, spending time with your pets by playing with them or petting them can reduce high levels of stress, says a study. Teach them tricks, make videos of them, dress them up, take them for walks while following all the Covid protocols (i.e. wear a mask, maintain distance from people, etc.)

  • Grow plants. If you love gardening then that's wonderful. Grow many plants and take care of them. Design their pots, paint them, water them, color them and if you have clay, then may be even make more pots for your plants. Go green and stay clean!

  • Do It Yourself. Spend some time in those old boxes kept in long forgotten corner of your house and may be you could find some stuff that would give a kick to your creativity in your brain and get it out on them. Create, paint, cut, paste, re-create and enjoy. Give your creative mind a push and let it flow. Share your art on social media and decorate your house the way you always wanted to. Give it your favorite aesthetic look.

  • Listen to music, dance and chill. Listen to your favorite music hits and dance to them to calm your mind and find the peace of your heart. Or you could dance your stress out and if you are one of the plus sizes, guess what, you are losing weight! Or maybe you can just chill while listening to songs as well. If you have instruments, pick them up and play them. Learn new songs and create your own melodies. If you love composing music then get on that drum pad or your desktop and get creating. Post your creation on YouTube and show the world what you got! Heal the people with your influential beats and music!

  • Breath in and breath out. Yoga! What's better than sitting in the favorite corner of your house meditating, calming yourself till you find your inner peace? Or you could do some stretching yoga asanas and increase your body flexibility. Yoga surely helps you calm down and slower the pace of your mind to give relief from stress.

  • Bakes and (s)more. Get your pots and pans out and get baking! Make all those cakes and cup cakes that you had been dying to make during your busy life schedule. Not only bake but also learn some of your favorite dishes or new interesting ones. Apart from that, you could also help your parents in some house chores so that it helps you in the future when you either go to a hostel or another country. It might also be a big help to you when you have a family. : )

  • Laugh, Love and Live. Watch funny videos with your loved ones and keep your mood lifted. May be try a few of those pranks that you watch and record video and then send them to your family and friends so that they have a good laugh at it too!

So that's all folks. Hope these points were helpful to you. There's more to do than just these, this is just a little push to your now jammed and stopped brain machines. Stay safe, happy and healthy!

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