How music helped us cope with lockdown

In a study conducted to see the effects of music on people amid the pandemic, almost 57 per cent of respondents said that music helped them cope through lockdown while 42 per cent said that they were listening to more music during the crisis than they previously did.

The survey, said to be the largest of it's kind since the onset of the coronavirus pandemic last year, aimed to find how music had helped people cope through this trying time. With live music scenes coming to a standstill, many people have turned to music on their smartphones.

The study also found that around many people had taken up a musical instrument over the last 16 months while 71 per cent believed music made them more productive at work or studies. Another 59 per cent of respondents said that music helped in emotional well-being, with 31 per cent turning to sounds to ease anxiety and 56 per cent to improve their mood.

Participants also said they missed the live music scene with 43 per cent respondents saying they were keen on attending a concert, festival or another form of gig. Among 18 to 24 year-olds, 38 per cent consider a music festival or performance to be one of the main things they are looking forward to as restrictions ease.

I, myself, have listened to a lot of music in this pandemic and have not regretted, but felt that, I have been productive in whatever work I did while listening to it. Lookin at this, it can be concluded that music flows through everyone's veins and is really addictive, don't you think?

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