Friends : Our priceless happiness

Updated: Apr 15, 2021

Our emotional, mental, social and physical support other than our parents in this cruel world, are 'Friends'.

True friends stay by our side and help us in even in the most difficult times. They even put their lives in danger or take risks for their loved ones, just so that their friend-in-need is helped out or reached out to.

I remember a really hilarious incident, in which I helped a very close friend of mine with the 'danger' of being caught by my parents! We were having class tests in our online classes, and the way I helped her was in the most funny way fathomable [That's what I thought, don't know if you find it funny as well]. We both have Physical Education as our subject, although our class was taken at different timings considering our other subjects as well, so we had different batches of P.Ed (Physical Education). Mine was before her.

So, one day, we had this class test of 20 marks and my P.Ed class was the first period in the morning, so I gave my test before her and scored 19/20. My batch is the largest in P.Ed as there are 3 batches. Her batch/class was the last class of the day, so I had just finished my last class (around 2 p.m.), and I got a text message from her on Microsoft Teams (on which our classes were being held) saying she needed the answers of the questions. I was like, "Okay, you tell me the question and I'll answer." So she added me to the meeting. I was shocked and immediately left the meeting and she asked what happened. I said that, as such her batch had less kids, and if sir saw me in the meeting, he would be suspicious. So she racked her brain and asked me to give my email-Id, so I gave my email-Id. After 5 minutes, I got her mail, with a screenshot of the questions from the meeting screen. She asked me to read the questions and answer her on the chat box in Microsoft Teams! [ I have got some pretty smart friends ya'll. I don't care if you are jealous.]

While all this was happening, it was almost lunch time, so my mom kept calling me from behind to come and have lunch and I kept refusing saying that I had an 'important task' to do!(Note the irony) My mom and dad were patrolling behind my back, back and forth and here I was helping out a friend in the class test. So I saw the questions and realized that a few were changed from the ones I did in the morning. So I answered them as I remembered them all. They were MCQs and I was a bit upset by the fact that she didn't study and at first I wasn't willing to help, but then I just ended up doing it. So she sent me 3 mails with the screenshots of the questions, and I, on one hand had my mail box opened and on the other typing the answers on the Microsoft Teams chat box. I was actually under pressure and scared that my parents would find out, and so I was sweating bullets. [Although, they know about it now, as I had confessed then, during lunch... It's better to clean your plate before it's too late... XD]

Eventually, I helped her in all the questions and she scored 18/20. Well, if you ask how she got less than me, then let me tell you that her smart brain decided to make 2 answers wrong purposefully to cancel out any suspicion! Such a great friend, no? I scolded her a bit for not studying later on and when I told her that I was skipping lunch and helping her out, she teared up a bit and said, "Woah, what a friend you are yaar, you missed your lunch and risked your life for me! I love you a lot!"

[I don't know if you got the sarcasm, but yeah, that's what she said]

And this is what we call friendship folks. Our priceless happiness for which we are willing to do anything to any extent, not caring if we look like fools.... Love your friends, they are your invisible support to success.

P.S. - My dear friend, if you are reading this, then please don't kill me! I'm too young to die! [Sorry if it's a bit overdramatic! ^_^]

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