Why biking is the best way to explore your new surroundings

Updated: Apr 15, 2021

Many of you must be wondering, what is the need for biking when you can just ride or drive a car or a motorbike? Well, the fun of biking through the city on your own rather than going on a motor vehicle is just not the same.

Biking allows you to go through many narrow alleys and canals with ease. Since, its just a stick with two tires and a peddle, its thin (obviously) and occupies less space. Also, you can take your own stops without causing inconvenience to those around you as you can park your bike easily anywhere and glide through unwanted traffic!

While biking, one is usually very alert at all times, and why not, we don't wanna crash into someone or something and make a fool of ourselves!

As a teenager, I love biking through the city. It allows me to stop at all those cute little cafes hidden in alleys of the city. I can stop wherever I wish to, and not even cause traffic! One plus point for bikers, huh? I bring my friends with me, and we get to look at the city with a different point of view and its beautiful. Many times I notice new things in those old places which I never noticed through a moving car's window. Watching all those couples clicking pictures in front of monuments, old historic buildings and hotels, with grandmas and grandpas feeding pigeons in the park along with little cute kids running around crazily, its just mesmerizing.

Its also a pretty convenient mode of transport. Not much hassle and easy to use, I mean, why not? All you have to do is peddle and maintain your balance. All those with the misconception of motor vehicles being better than bikes, think again. Bikes are environment friendly, they don't cause pollution. If you say that motor vehicles are preferred due to being faster than bikes, well, I'd like to take a bike to avoid breaking my bones! Sure motor vehicles are fast, but, you are out on a city tour, not rushing to your work place since you got late by oversleeping!

I'm not against avoiding motor vehicles completely, but I'm placing my point of view on bikes. Riding bikes keeps you fit as those legs work continuously to move forward. And I'm sure all those Health freaks would agree with me. Moreover, one feels fresh and much brighter than usual. Sitting in motor vehicles only causes one to be lazy, but on a bike, one is active as ever.

Also, when in a new surrounding, avoid using cars if you have no or less knowledge of the city routes. Bikes are best in a situation like this, as you can take a turn and return back and even go through narrow roads and bridges. It also allows you to look around and be familiarized with the surrounding.

Guess that's why China is the largest producer and user of bicycles!

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